These are the documentation pages for the Mildew standard library. These functions are available to scripts when the host application calls initializeStdlib on its mildew.interpreter.Interpreter instance or manually loads each one with the appropriate function. However, the prototype functions of String, Object, Function, Array, RegExp, and Generator are available to instances of these classes even when the types library is not loaded.

The standard library is far from complete and more documentation will be added as new functionality is added.


The built-in types of Mildew include undefined, null, boolean, integer, double, Array, Function, Object, and String. Null and boolean will automatically be converted to integers 0 or 1 when passed as parameters to functions expecting numbers. Typed arrays are implemented in the standard library as wrappers around native typed arrays stored in a native class instance, which is then stored inside an Object.

About the language

This language is heavily inspired by ES6 JavaScript but there are important differences and many ES6 features missing. See the README.md page on the github project main page and project wiki for more details.

D Implementation Documentation

The documentation for the D API of Mildew is available at https://dmildew.dpldocs.info/index.html